For the hosts the accomadition will be available:

Check in : between the hours 17 and hours 20

Check out : within hours 10

Hour Swimming pool

    * From hours 10,00 to the 19,00 hours

    * Respecter regulations swimming pool

    * Fast Lunch and drinks in swimming pool upon request

Timetable services farm holidays

    * Breakfast: 8.30 - 9,30

    * Lunch: 13.00 - 14,00

    * Dinner: 20.00 - 21.00

Extra services

    * Cleanings apartments and change linen euro 5,00 to person

    * Cloth bath for swimming pool euro 3.00

Our services for your stay:

    * B & B (Bed and Breakfast): lodging and breakfast

    * H/B Half board : breakfast and dinner

    * F/B Full Board comprehensive complete pension of

      lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner

    * Basket pic-NIC upon request Visit of our Agricultural

      Company, to agree with the holder for timetables and days

The drinks in the service of H/B and F/B (lunch and supper) is excluded from the price


* The variety of the menu is determined from the availability of the business productive activity and from the character they of the agricultural-alimentary productions ages. The menu are every day and legacies to the course age them, let alone it diversifies between the lunch and the supper to you. For the breakfast you will taste: the cake of the day, the honey and the marmalade one of fruit produced from we,it accompanies to you from one sprouts of orange and classic warm drinks: coffee, cappuccino, thË, I luff and chocolate. For the service of average pension or complete pension, there will be you use plates of the comprehensive territory and the tradition umbra of: appetizer, first, according to with contour and cake.

On request:

> Menù tasting tartufo

> Menù tasting chianina

Business production

Bovine Meat, ovine meat, short lowland animals, extra virgin olive oil, bread, ortaggi, it yields, marmalade and wine

Typical Prodotti certifys to you Business of the territory uses in kitchen

Meats you suine, meat chianina, ovine and bovine cheese, lenticchie of Castelluccio di Norcia, farro biological, regional wines DOP and DOCG

Inner regulations

* To the every arrival host are prayed to introduce itself to the Reception in order to deliver an identity document and to esplicare all the formalities

    * The balance of the stay will come poured the day before the departure the delayed arrival and the anticipated departure does not give to no reimbursement straight

    * After 24 hours of delay on the previewed arrival, if communication will not reach, the Direction will be thought authorized to cancel the reservation

    * In renunciation case the account will come reimbursed to 50% if the same one will reach to us for registered letter within 7gg. from the date of beginning of the stay

    * The troublesome noises, radio, car radio, tv to high volume rigorously are forbidden. Hush it goes respected from hours 15 to the 17 and after the 24.

    * The hosts who will not respect the norms of the regulations, or that they will give dared to arguments apt to upset the quiet ones they will come removes to you from the farm holidays.

    * The silence is observed from 15 to 17 and after 24. Guests who do not respect the rules of the Regulation, or give rise to discussions aimed at disturbing the peace will be removed from the farm.

    * The parking is not guarded.

    * They will not come under investigation taken claims or lamentable that they have not been it communicates to you before the enrolled departure for with controfirmata receipt or to average registered letter